Hydrogen projects

Europe Technologies – Hylias

River and sea mobility

Carquefou, Loire-Atlantique, Atlantic France

Project start date : 2019

Project owner(s)

Development of a hydrogen-electric passenger ship and associated shore infrastructure to connect the islands in the Gulf of Morbihan. The 24-metre vessel has a capacity of 150 to 200 passengers. It is equipped with a CIAM®-designed propulsion system consisting of two 150 kW propulsion lines that are powered by a system of two fuel cells using hydrogen stored on board in high-pressure tanks at 350 bar.

In addition to the vessel, the Hylias (HYdrogen for Land, Integrated Renewables and Sea) project also involves the creation of a virtuous ecosystem in the region, with a genuine production and consumption chain for green hydrogen on land and at sea.

The project is expected to start in 2025.

Progress of the project

  1. Prototyping phase (feasibility, design)
  2. Industrialization phase
  3. Series production/operation phase

Project partners