Farwind Energy


Nantes, Loire Atlantique, Atlantic France

Project start date : 2020

Project owner(s)

Development of an energy ship to produce energy using the power of offshore wind, which offers many advantages: an abundance of the resource, cheap energy (meteor outage), quick to deploy as no site permit is required, etc. The ship is propelled by the wind and is equipped with hydrogen generators that convert the ship’s kinetic energy into electricity. The electricity produced is stored in batteries or converted into energy (hydrogen, methanol, or ammonia) for future use on land. The aim is to develop a fleet of autonomous ships, which will contribute to the creation of a new green hydrogen energy sector, that will be produced at sea and coupled with land-based offloading, storage, and distribution infrastructure.

Farwind Energy and its partners (SARA, GPMG, GPML, Unite Caribean) are involved in a European INTERREG project for the production, transportation, offloading, and distribution of green hydrogen in port areas, which is known as the MAGHIC project (Maritime Green H2 Infrastructure in the Eastern Caribbean).

Progress of the project

  1. Prototyping phase (feasibility, design)
  2. Industrialization phase
  3. Series production/operation phase

Project partners