Hydrogen projects

Saint-Joachim energy storage

Building sector

Saint-Joachim, Loire-Atlantique, Atlantic France

Project start date : 2021

Project owner(s)

Energy self-sufficiency system with local solar energy production which allows for storage in the form of hydrogen for summer surpluses as well as storage on lithium batteries to improve daily self-consumption at the Isles sports complex.

This solution also recovers waste heat from the hydrogen fuel cell in order to pre-heat hot water for the sports buildings.

The Isles sports complex is part of the local self-consumption network, which connects 7 buildings producing electricity thanks to photovoltaics and 20 buildings (belonging to the local authority) that consume it.

The solar power installed on the roofs of the 7 producer buildings is approximately 200 kVA.

Progress of the project

  1. Prototyping phase (feasibility, design)
  2. Industrialization phase
  3. Series production/operation phase