Saint-Nazaire, Loire-Atlantique, Atlantic France

Project start date : 2022

Project owner(s)

A prototype for the production of renewable hydrogen at sea which is directly connected to the Floatgen floating wind turbine and is a world first. After an initial dockside test phase in 2022, the platform will take part in an offshore trial at the SEM-REV test site. At the end of this trial, Sealhyfe will have a significant amount of operational data that should enable it to design mature offshore production systems and deploy reliable, proven technologies on a large scale.

Sealhyfe has the capacity to produce up to 400kg of renewable green hydrogen per day, which is equivalent to 1MW of power.

By 2030-2035, offshore production could represent an additional 3 GW of installed capacity for Lhyfe.

Progress of the project

  1. Prototyping phase (feasibility, design)
  2. Industrialization phase
  3. Series production/operation phase

Project partners