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GRTgaz is one of Europe's leading gas transmission companies and a global expert in gas transmission networks and systems. In France, GRTgaz owns and operates 32,410 km of underground pipelines and 26 compressor stations to transport gas between suppliers and consumers (distributors or industrial companies directly connected to the transmission system). GRTgaz carries out public service missions to guarantee continuity of supply to consumers, and markets transmission services to system users. As a key player in the energy transition, GRTgaz is investing in innovative solutions to adapt its network to the challenges of the future, and to encourage the emergence of renewable gas sources (hydrogen, biomethane, synthetic methane).

GRTgaz supports local authorities and all those involved in hydrogen production and consumption projects to offer the best transport solutions.

Activity & skills

Type of entity
  • Company
  • Design and engineering office
  • Equipment operator
  • Other

References in projects

- mosaHYc - Jupiter1000

Hydrogen referent

Ms Emeline DROUET

Project Manager Energy Transition | R&D





Language skills
  • English

Position within the value chain

Skills (main value chain)
  • External services - Support services
  • H2 mobility and on-board storage
  • H2 storage and transport
  • Hydrogen distribution
  • Stationary hydrogen use
  • Not relevant


  • EMC2
  • France Hydrogen
  • S2E2
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