HyVolution 2024: rich and promising feedback

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Solutions&co organised a delegation from the Atlantic France region to attend the leading French trade fair for the hydrogen sector. The results were very positive, demonstrating significant growth for both the event and the industry, with regional players expressing great satisfaction with their participation.

HyVolution 2024 broke all records this year with the opening of an additional hall. The event welcomed 11,500 visitors (+46%) from 82 countries and 572 exhibitors (+45%), nearly a third of whom were international.

A strong presence of Atlantic France players and the announcement of a strategic interregional partnership

The Atlantic France region was very well represented, with several players having their own stands and a regional pavilion where Solutions&co and the region brought together 10 co-exhibitors. A plenary conference was organised on the 31st of January to discuss the link between marine renewable energies, hydrogen, and the European market.

The regions of Brittany, Normandy, and Atlantic France also took the opportunity to announce a trans-regional cooperation aimed at creating an integrated European hydrogen basin in Western France. This is a unique initiative in France and positions these regions as key players in the development of hydrogen.

The delegation- a promising collaborative approach

The member companies of the Atlantic France delegation were able to experience the event as a cohesive team:

  • Before the event, a preparatory co-design workshop presented the regional ecosystem and allowed participants to share their challenges and expectations for the event
  • On site, the delegation participated in several events, including meetings with both international and regional players, and engaged with 10 exhibitors thanks to a tailor-made programme
  • After the event, a debriefing workshop gave members the opportunity to share their thoughts and views on the industry and the show

The organisation was praised by all members of the delegation, who gave the experience an average score of 8.4/10. The meetings with a wide range of stakeholders enabled them to gain an overview of the sector and obtain objective information on the state of the market. They were also able to identify areas for collaboration, both in the field of hydrogen and in other related activities such as biogas.

I wouldn’t have done it the same way if I had approached it alone. I wouldn’t have had this global vision of the sector.

Design and prototyping manager, Manitou Group

Valuable industry insights

HyVolution enabled members of the delegation to enhance their understanding of the state of the hydrogen industry and share their observations. Some of the key points shared were:

  • The sector is dynamic and evolving, but it is still dependent on public funding and development objectives can only be achieved in the short term with significant support to bridge the competitive gap with fossil fuels
  • The projects and players involved appear to be increasingly mature, with concrete projects already underway
  • Although hydrogen is not at the centre of their strategy, most of the large energy groups were present and the medium-sized pure players are also very committed
  • Mobility applications seem the most accessible in the short term, especially captive fleets and maritime mobility
  • Electrolysis is still the most widely used technology for green hydrogen production, but other technologies are emerging (biogas reforming and pyrogasification)
  • The training available is not yet specific and technical enough to help manufacturers manage the risks

If you would like to know more about this initiative or the market elements identified by the players in the delegation, please contact us: e.castanet@solutions-eco.fr 

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